Friday on My Mind

Hello friends,

It has been almost 3 months since my last blog post and this is a pretty good reflection of the amount of reading I have accomplished in this time.

I still have several book reviews to complete and post, however, other more exciting things have been occupying my time, which I haven’t been blogging about (maybe I should). Well, perhaps not all exciting.

  1. I am learning French and with a trip to Europe imminent I have been very consumed with trying to improve. I am a beginner, 2 years of 1.5 hours per week isn’t really improving my skills greatly, but I do love the language.
  2. My daughter is off to Padova, Italy on language exchange for a month, living with a family and going to school. She will be away a total of 9 weeks, including time with us and the studying regime has been pretty intense in the lead up. (not exciting!) I am so very proud of her and know that it will all bring rewards.
  3. Planning and booking our holiday – this has been time consuming, largely due to my need to investigate everything into the minute detail. I hope that the accommodation that I have chosen for our family will not disappoint, but you just never know what a place may be like until you get there. Travelling with teenagers brings a whole new set of challenges, trying to find appropriate accommodation and activities.
  4. My mother in law has been unwell
  5. And finally we are trying to renovate our beautiful Gentleman’s Bungalow!

I recently read a blog post that discussed posting frequency and consistency.  I thought the content was pretty spot on, most people dont notice if you take a hiatus – unless you are prolific and if you are anything like me I like to not be overwhelmed with constant posts – particularly long ones. Does it matter to you how often I post? I would be surprised if it did, but let me know if I am wrong.



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