The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

The Rosie ProjectWatching the ABC Book Club, previously known as The First Tuesday Book Club, I saw the review of this book. I loved the energy that everyone had when they discussed the book and on impulse I went and bought it the very next day. Incredibly even Marieke appeared to have genuinely enjoyed it.

What can I say, the plot is cute, there is a giggle a minute and the characters are just wonderful. It is a cast of very normal folks within all the lovely array of personality quirks and flaws that we find in every day life.

The main character is Professor Don Tillman who is an interesting fellow, at an age where he has his routine pretty well set in stone and does not like to see it interrupted. I think we all have friends who fit into this category – especially if you are over 40 years of age. Reading his character I found myself wondering if it will be revealed that he has a ‘syndrome’ – but fortunately the book just celebrated his particular quirks as a variation of the norm. Refreshing really that the book didn’t feel the need to ‘syndromise’ an interesting character. I certainly live in a house of unique personalities and brilliant minds who are definitely not conventional.

The book begins from Don’s decision that he needs a life partner and his proceeding down a very academic path of finding the perfect mate. Hilarious, wonderful and creative! I loved this plot, simple, visible and no twists or turns, but it was so full of charm and humour. This book provided me with much joy and I just could not put it down. I seriously laughed out loud many times and did the one thing my husband hates most of all … yes, I read passages of the book to him – because they were so good I just had to share.

Don and Rosie ‘s evolving friendship is so very endearing; misunderstandings are equally interspersed with tolerance. The peripheral characters are beautifully formed, even those who make fleeting appearances and surprisingly well developed. I would wholeheartedly recommend you read this book, yes it is a romance novel, but it is something much more at the same time. I look forward to the movie or mini-series with a David Wenham as the main character; if I had any casting control.


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