Friday on my Android Mind

Today I bring this blog post to you from my new …. drum roll … Nexus 7 (32GB WiFi). Yippee! Now my tech savvy husband has fixed the WiFi issue I can write this post.
As you may recall from a previous post, I will be travelling overseas on holiday with my family. In order to avoid carrying books, I’m going to use this little device for those rare moments I am likely to have time to read.
It will serve a dual purpose, my children will be writing a blog each about their experiences, partly as a keepsake and partly to form part of  their schooling whilst away for 5 weeks; and I will be doing likewise.
I now have a few months to practice, as it is quite a different platform to Apple products. I still love my iPad and iPhone, but after a couple of hours on the nexus I’m sure it will also be fabulous. Fortunately, I have a resident 13 year old android expert, who is showing me tips and tricks.
I shall let you know when I review a book read off the Nexus. Browsing the online book store, I won’t have trouble finding something I will enjoy.
Currently I am reading a sweet little novella by Alan Bennett called The Uncommon Reader, about the Queen. Several reviews are lying in wait, still to be completed and I have just finished the final novel in The Hunger Games trilogy, Mockingjay, which didn’t disappoint although I understand why many were.
Enjoy your weekend, à bientôt.


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