Friday on My Mind

This week I had a very important meeting to attend at a local eating place. Yes, it was a very long awaited and much anticipated gathering of my book club, with our last meeting in January. We had all been extraordinarily busy, I’m the only non-teacher amongst them, but appreciate that the beginning of the school year is hectic, especially for senior educators. Of course, as regular readers of this blog know, my own work has been extreme, exciting, fun, challenging and above all fulfilling.
I had been itching to share the fabulous books I’d read over the last few months. After our yummy meal at the Highway we followed strict book club procedure; returns first and then our new releases! Spoilt for choice, when will I get time to read them? Well I’m a born optimist and borrowed 3 new books to read, which means re-prioritizing my reading list.
The merits of a book club is something that is difficult to describe, it is subjective and completely depends on what you expect to get out of a club. My ‘club’ fulfills my requirements beautifully, great company, wide variety of reading taste and lots of robust discussion. Do you belong to a book club and what do you enjoy about it?
Enjoy your weekend, I’m off to watch Eurovision on SBS.


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