Friday on my Mind


This week comes to you from Friday on my frazzled mind. I am in a semi-recovery phase after a very intense week of work and feeling like a neglectful mother (All Hail Nana, and all other mothers/parents nod knowingly).

A key component of my recovery routine is to bunker down and hide in my bed with a good book, alone and in a quiet darkish room. This is my idea of rest and recouperation, how do other folks find space and escape from the hurly burly of juggling demanding workloads, family life, other commitments, ill-health?

Well it seems from my very hasty web review of recommended relaxation methods that meditation, visualisation, music and sex rank highly. Hmmm, I’m not sure about you but I tend to prefer the solution of silence and a good book. Perhaps I’m abnormal? These women pictured below certainly seem to agree with my method.

Enjoy bunking down and reading some lovely books this week. I’m in the midst of The House of Silk by Anthony Horowitz, and it is proving a rather grand read indeed.


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