Friday on My Mind

Today is Friday – again!! The relentless nature of returning days of the week, nagging me into contemplation of goals reached, goals that remain elusive,  achievements that have pleased my soul and remembering to plan.

I like to plan for good stuff to happen in our lives, to celebrate the people who I love and care for, to take joy in what I do have, no matter how big or small that may be. It is always ironic that whilst striving for the big things, how it is the simple things in life that often give me the greatest pleasure. The soft cheeks of my children, just hearing my husbands voice, frangipani in bloom, a beautiful freshly baked sour dough loaf of bread spread with real butter, clean and crisp sheets on the bed and of course reading books and writing on my blog.

Last week I read a couple of books, largely thanks to a trip down to beautiful Hindmarsh Island, less than an hour away from home. I read an Agatha Christie and Josephine Tey both great crime thrillers in their own way (reviews to come).

Canoeing on the River Murray
View from our balcony

This next couple of weeks I am about to enter a cloud – that being Cloudstreet by Tim Winton and Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. I’m looking forward to both and have high expectations that they will both deliver fantastic stories. Watch this space!

Until next time, I hope that the following week brings you much joy and happiness.


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