Evil Under the Sun by Agatha Christie

I had been wanting to read an Agatha Christie book for ages. I was certain I had an extensive collection of them, given to me by a very dear friend. Somehow 20+ books have disappeared or I gave them to charity during one of my crazed moments of de-cluttering. Rest assured none of my de-clutters has succeeded in making much impact on my book collection, I can’t even get rid of the children’s books (and my childhood books), so it is a bit of a mystery.

evil under the sun book cover
I have fond memories of reading Agatha Christie as a teenager, I loved the characters and discovering the capacity for even the most meek and mild person to be led or resort to villainy. Christie’s characters can all be detestable, manipulative and devious, it is often difficult to work out who the villain is – sometimes your job as a reader is to work out who’s acting and who isn’t.

Christie is so easy to read, it is rich on dialogue and peppered with a jigsaw-like presentation of clues to piece together. The ability to solve a Christie crime rests on your own capacity to remember lots of little crucial details provided in the story.

I chose to read Evil Under the Sun as I couldn’t remember reading it, but I’m sure I must have, and because it had been so fatiguingly hot it seemed apt reading.  When the temperature of your bedroom in 32 degrees Celsius night after night, you could almost murder something yourself – or is that just me?

If you haven’t read an Agatha Christie for some time I would highly recommend it. She did have a wonderful gift in her particular style of thriller/crime writing, at once sinister and quaint – I particularly enjoyed the evocation of the period and descriptions of the character’s clothing.

Agatha Christie


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