Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

I have literally just put this book down whilst exclaiming AARRGGHH!!!!! gone-girl-book-cover

It had me riveted from the word go. In my view this story is primarily about relationships, the types of relationships had by people with serious personality and psychological issues. I must say in a strange way it was a lot of fun and the clever use of the dual stories kept it interesting.

Are the characters awful? Yes, pretty well all of the characters are largely unlikeable. From the detectives who play good cop, bad cop, the people who live in their building, the family members, to the two main protagonists – all fundamentally rotten in some small or large way. Maybe I sound harsh, but I don’t mean to; I actually think it is integral to the whole tone of the story…a world of very flawed and imperfect beings.

My main problem with the book was not the ending, that was fittingly unpredictable and completely frustrating – hence the AARRGGHHH! It was that I felt a little over half way, after the ‘real’ voice became apparent, that the plot became too obvious. It was a small issue and I still had to continue to the end to discover out the conclusion. Boy oh boy, what a conclusion! It has left me as I’ve said frustrated and baffled  – bad Gillian! I can recommend this book as a good little psychological, thriller that you will digest quickly, just watch the bite at the end.



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