Friday on My Mind

Bonjour tout le monde!

I hope that you are all well and enjoying life to the full. I recently had a birthday and a dear friend gave me a birthday card that read ‘Fun-loving, Easy-going and Large-living’. I was rather tickled with that as a lovely way to sum up the way I try to approach life, I only have one and am trying not to take it for granted too much.

My book reading is slow slow slow at the moment, I am nearly finished reading Pride and Prejudice and that has been a delight, but also a puzzling exercise. This week our wonderful book club gathered, it had been so long since we had last met before Christmas. Some of us had read a lot, and well the rest of us have been very busy and not been able to find time to do much reading. That is just fine, the flux of life is like that. I would love the read a book a week, but I get awfully tired after working and running around after kidlets that my eyes can not cope when I pick up a book to read. Is it just me? I follow some incredible women who’s capacity to read vast amounts leaves me quite breathless and green with envy at times.

Ok, I’ve done it again, gone off on a tangent… As I was saying at book club we were discussing the experience of re-reading Pride and Prejudice this time around. 2 of us were in the process of reading it and the others made a commitment to do likewise. Diane and myself who are in the midst of reading it are both plagued by the same issue. We know the BBC series so well that when reading the book my imagination doesn’t have to try too hard at all – it is Colin Firth that I hear and see. Yes, I know that isn’t a major problem, but I think it raises a interesting conundrum for books translated into electronic media (does that even make sense?). Fortunately, the noise of the BBC series of Pride and Prejudice isn’t as bad as I may be implying, as the series is nearly a perfect translation of the book. I will stop now, as I will no doubt have more to say in my review.

This week has been a busy bookish time, quite fitting in the lead up to Writers Week (getting very excited about that!). On Thursday night I went to hear and see Fiona McIntosh give a talk at my parents local library. My mother is well aware of the great enjoyment I have received reading Fiona McIntosh books and booked it for us to go, including my daughter who has read her children’s books.

I have to say that Fiona McIntosh is such a delight, truly wonderful (although she does say she is really horrible at her writing masterclass)! It is the second time I have heard her talk, the first was at Dymocks in Adelaide when she released The Lavender Keeper. Tonight I managed to queue to get my first ever book of hers that I bought, signed by her. She didn’t seem to mind that I bought it at the second hand book store at Jetty Road, Brighton. (lovely shop, highly recommended). I also asked if she wouldn’t mind my popping the photo on my blog and was very gracious to say yes. Fiona has 2 books to be released this year, one of which she wrote in 55 days and will be released for Christmas. The other is the sequel to The Lavender Keeper, to be released in the next month called French Promise. Here is a piccie of us together – my book club girls think I may be obsessed.

Florally Fiona and Me
Florally Fiona and Me

So that theme segways perfectly into what I have been doing today, my Friday. As I don’t have enough books waiting to be read (heavy sarcasm), I thought I would check out a couple of book shops to see if I could find 2 books that I am keen to read. The first is Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell, particularly as the movie is soon to be released and the second is The Daughter of Time by Josephine Tey, a fictional detective story about the modern investigation of the death of Kind Richard III. Well I didn’t have any success, but I did meet some lovely people and rummaging around second hand book stores is such a soulful thing to do. Thanks to Colonel Light Gardens Second Hand Books and Rotary Club of Mitcham Second Hand Book shop. Here is a snapshot, on our very sunny front porch, of what I did get.

2nd Hand Books Rule



Wishing you all a wonderful couple of weeks ahead and if you are in Adelaide, make the most of all the amazing festivities that abound our fair city over the next month. We are so very lucky!

As an extra note Australian Story from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) is showing a bio-doc on Stevie Wright from the Easy Beats. You can view it on iview at this link.




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