Friday on my Mind

If you are an Australian reading this blog, then you would no doubt know many songs of the famous 1960s group The Easybeats. The+EasybeatsThey are a bit of a favourite in our house, particularly with my husband. Friday on my Mind is a such an iconic, almost timeless song. It is a song I often wander around humming on a Friday so I thought would be a bit of fun to have this as a recurring theme for Fridays.

In order to try and make regular blog posts about books and movies and whatever else takes my fancy, I have decided that ‘Friday on My Mind’ will be an ongoing series for the Gilbert Street Review.

One of the memes that I follow and participate in on Twitter is the #FridayReads hashtag. This is where people from all over the world check in on Friday in their various time zones and report on what they are reading. It can be anything and everything, from a magazine to a book; you always see interesting books and comments. I have enjoyed doing this myself and it is often a good indicator of how much I am not enjoying a book if it keeps popping up Friday after Friday.  Credit for this fabulous concept is firmly placed with The BoSteve Jobsok Maven who I follow on Twitter.

So this week I have started reading the biography Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, it is a hefty tome and one that I think is probably best read on your iPad or kindle (if Jobs allowed that – nudge nudge). So far it is an interesting read, but I’m not even out of his childhood yet. I think the review may be a way off, as I can see myself leaving it and coming back to it, depending on my mood.



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