Blindsighted by Karin Slaughter

Karin Slaughter = Sick Puppy!

Influenced by the hype that surrounds this author’s works I found one of her books in my favourite secondhand bookshop at Port Elliot. You know the one that I rave on about pretty much every January after I return home from summer holiday with a stock pile of books – it’s called Port Elliot Bookshop for the uninitiated.

Well I read it and I really struggled with this book, I love a good crime fiction novel as much as anyone. I’ve read Stieg Larsson’s trilogy and loved it, even though it was pretty full on topic wise. I’m pretty tough and can cope with some pretty bizarre stuff, but this book just felt wrong.  I found the first murder to be just bad taste – it must have contravened a whole raft of my own personal taboos. Apart from my own feelings of bleh about the first murder in this book, it seemed quite out of context when compared to the following murders committed – usually there is a theme, a continuing pattern of behaviour.

Whilst reading the book in general I found myself reflecting on Patricia Cornwell and the way she constructs her main character in the Scarpetta series. Whilst formulaic also, and it has been many years since I’ve read one of her books, I think they are more interesting and edge of your seat. Another factor that didn’t buy my attention was Slaughter’s treatment of the relationship between the two main characters; it seemed thin and needed to be treated with more depth. I am at present reading a Jo Nesbo novel ‘Nemesis’ and this just serves to reiterates what a riveting and attention grabbing crime, suspense, thriller should deliver the reader.



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