Do yourself a Favour – Adelaide Writers’ Week

Another wonderful Adelaide Writers’ Week is over and I was happy to have enjoyed more of it than I normally have the opportunity to. As part of the Adelaide Festival of Arts, traditionally held as a Biennial event and now transitioning to an Annual event, Writers’ Week has been been an integral event. I always struggle to find the time to attend of later years and grab what moments I can. Whilst it is called Adelaide Writers’ Week, the event runs for 6 days!

Sunday 4th March

I was home preparing our favourite Lamb Korma dish to share with our extended family. My husband’s Aunt and Uncle were over from London to visit and we only had this window of opportunity to get together; which we grabbed. All I can say is THANKYOU ABC!!! The dedicated Adelaide Writers’ Week digital radio Channel was an absolute godsend. I had an afternoon in my kitchen listening to Jo Nesbo, Megan Abbott, Ron Rash, MJ Akbar – it was truly wonderful and I was thrilled to be able to participate in whatever way I could. Hooray for modern technological advances which enabled me to listen to these wonderful authors and the diversity of their personalities and motivations – gold!

Monday 5th March

I took a late lunch from work to attend Margo Lanagan and Michael Crummey. I have recently read Margo’s book “Sea Hearts” (the review is to come, I am some 7 books behind at least to review) and I loved it and thoroughly recommend it. Lanagan had such a calm manner and I was very much reminded of a friend of mine whilst listening to her. She then read to the audience from Sea Hearts a particular passage that was very moving, particularly when you have read the book and understand the full impact of that moment in time; I had tears in my eyes at the end. I was also drawn in to Michael Crummey’s work and was compelled to buy his book “Galore” after he read the first 2 pages from it – I just had to know more! I was transfixed by Crummey’s accent and his pronunciation of Newfoundland – I know when I read the book I will have his voice in my head reading it to me. What a gift!

Wednesday, 7th March

I dashed into town with an hour up my sleeve and fluked a rock star car park,  to hear the Dream a Little Dream session on writing and getting published (don’t we all have a secret dream to one day write something?). It was really interesting to hear just how different publishing operates across the globe. I thought the advice was generously given and particularly in relation to the digital world of publishing and the possible impacts of this.

After the talk I ventured into the very dangerous tent full of temptation. With immense restraint I purchased the two books that I decided I had to have. As Adelaide Writers’ Week only makes money to fund itself through the sales of books, I thought this was the honourable thing to do after having enjoyed so much for free. I bought Micheal Crummey’s “Galore” and Jo Nesbo’s “Nemesis”; love a good murder/detective story and Nesbo was so interesting on the radio, even though I didn’t get to see him in the flesh.  I was sorely disappointed to discover however, that there was no Writers’ Week bag this year; I had set my heart on this for carting around my book club books. Oh well, maybe next year they may reconsider…

If you have never been to Adelaide Writers’ Week then you are truly missing out on a rare experience. Do yourself a favour!


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