Arctic Floor by Mark Aitken, 18 of 52

About time I got around to updating this blog, I really have been incredibly slack in my reviewing challenge. Reading goes on, relatively unabated, but not without some frustration which has given me cause to reflect on who I am as a reader and what type of book do I really like. I know my taste is fairly eclectic in all manner of things in life and I do like to have a challenge.

As a part of this aspect of my personality I jumped at the chance to review a book for Dymocks bookstore in Adelaide. They put a call out to people on facebook/twitter to review one of several books they had. I contacted them, as I was actively blogging book reviews (yes, up until June) and said I would love to review a book and give me whatever you want – I was keen!

Unfortunately this coincided with the diagnosis of my sister-in-law with breast cancer, working full time and running around after 3 kids, hubby and budgie. This was a real blow as we had only recently dealt with the death of my beautiful father-in-law from lung cancer – 15 months of hell and another 2 really good friends – young women battling the dreaded ‘C’.  Dymocks were fantastic when I rang to say, I wouldn’t be able to quickly turn around a review. I’m pretty sure they didn’t think it would take quite this long – oh, and I also still have the book!

Here it is …

I read this book very quickly, it is one of those stories which doesn’t stop to take a breath. The plot is centered around an ex-serviceman, Gerry Gallen who has decided to focus his attention on the family farm after active service in Afghanistan. He is mysteriously recruited to work as security detail to a wealthy tycoon.

Gallen’s suspicions about the project are alerted as he smells something rotten through a serious of events, whilst putting together his special group of professionals to protect the Tycoon. Gallen soon finds out that he doesn’t know who to trust apart from his oldest friend Kenny when things turn nasty.

Gallen and his most of his crew find themselves battling for survival in the Arctic, leading to a crazy finale that involves saving the world! The plot centres chiefly on the desire to mine a large part of the arctic for valuable resources, which is established through political deals and a significant amount of inter and intra-country double-crossing. Throw in a few environmental terrorists and threat of nuclear disaster and you have more twists and turns than a waterslide.

As you can gather the plot is pretty wild and far fetched, the characters are almost superhuman and able to deal with constant challenges to their survival in extreme conditions. So putting aside any connection with reality this is a fabulous romp in a style that I would equate closely with Matthew Reilly’s scarecrow series. Definitely recommend it for a light, action packed thriller to keep you thoroughly entertained.


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