Inheritance by Christopher Paolini, 20 of 52

With much anticipation I raced out to buy this books as soon as it was released. Having been frustrated on finishing the third book in what was meant to be a trilogy, I was itching to know how the story ended.

This type of book is so well done for today’s young readers, full of magic and fantastical creatures and places. I am happy to be led into another universe through reading and truly enjoy the escapism of another world. Paolini again has crafted a fabulous world with rich depictions of building interiors and individual characters. I had the image of the scars on Nasuada’s arms after the challenge of the knives firmly in my mind every time I read – such an amazing visual. His ability to explain the textural aspects of a place are excellent, although I think he shows some weakness in his character depictions. Excellent on occasions – think Brom and the Razac, however, they often are inconsistent – flashes of brilliance followed by dullness.

I did find one aspect of the story disappointing, and it is a pretty key one. Eragon has lost his character’s lustre and intrigue; it isn’t something I can pinpoint it just felt lacking in something intrinsic. I could almost say the book had a feeling of desperation on reading, as though the author was weary of the story. I felt that most of this book is focused on battles with the side story of Eragon’s specific goal of defeating Galbatorix. I wont give away the end, but it again left me puzzled and a bit deflated.

One of the most frustrating characters in the book is the woman Angela – just what is she? She is obviously more than just a witch or herbalist and appears to possess powers that are significantly more than most people, however, Paolini never quite  explains or explores in any great depth. I also feel that the ill-fated and much maligned movie spoilt this character for me, goodness only knows why they chose a young pretty singer to play and wise and much older woman – never made sense.

As you can see I have had a few issues with this story. I think that I am justified in being disappointed, having invested the time and money to read 4 books. That being said, I still must say I enjoyed the Inheritance Cycle (not a trilogy), I just wished it went out with more of a ‘bang’.


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