Bye Bye Baby by Fiona McIntosh, 16 of 52

Seriously, I can hardly tell you anything about this book without spoiling the whole plot. As you can probably tell by now I have a slightly addictive nature and my latest addiction apart from 2011 Eurovision music, is reading Fiona McIntosh books of every genre. Boy can this woman carve up a great rollicking story.

This story is her first crime fiction novel with the character DCI Jack Hawksworth. Apparently he is stunningly good looking and one cool dude, I’m hoping the next book has a bit more of a description of him for me as I couldn’t really visualise him very well. Something strange happened to me whilst reading the story, one of the characters is a beautiful woman called Sophie, who was in a wheelchair and all I could picture was this girl from Britain Missing Top Model! Amazing what you imagination can do to you, she obviously made an impact on me!

Aside from my personal issues, the book is a classic who dunnit, although I worked out the intrigue well before the end it didn’t ruin it for me. Again Ms McIntosh puts in a little surprise, just when you think you have it all worked out! The story is set in the United Kingdom, which always gives a crime novel a nice feel. Crime set in America always feels a bit twisted, fast-foody and gritty in comparison to the UK’s scones and cream, manners and stiff upper lip. Even when they are murdering people the English are restrained – hmmm well I’ll let you be the judge of how restrained this person was. Certainly a twisted soul! Wow, how many generalisations can I fit into this blog!

I would recommend this crime novel to anyone.  There are enough twists and turns in this story to keep people wanting to pick it up and read more. Well done Fiona, another genre ‘owned’ as my children would say. I’m looking forward to picking up the next Hawksworth novel.


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