Fields of Gold by Fiona McIntosh, 10 of 52

Yes I know another Fiona McIntosh book, but I have become such a fan of her writing over the last couple of years. I tend to do that, just want to devour as much of an author as I can when I find something I like. I did that many years ago reading pretty much every book by John Fowles, The Magus being an absolute stand out book for me still.

The great thing about Fiona McIntosh is that she writes in several genres now and hasn’t limited her writing to fantasy. Not that I would say fantasy is a limiting genre in any sense or meaning. I have yet to read her crime writing, which I am sure will have me hooked and will be doing so soon as my Dymock’s voucher is busting to be spent.

This book is Fiona’s (She feels like an old friend now and as such I’m going to refer to her by her first name) first foray into a historical family epic of fiction. It centres around two key characters, Edward  and Jack, both young englishmen who find themselves in India in the earl 20th Century. It is about culture and cast and provides a really interesting look at how the English established their lives in a foreign land.  

Edward and his young sister find themselves in India through several episodes that will have you completely hooked – again I wont be giving any plot details away as I think that it spoils the surprise and you need to make up your own minds as to how you interpret the book.  Jack born into a proud Cornish mining family; that is they ran the mine. After a tragedy in Cornwall, Jack leaves for India and re-establishes himself in the mining community there. The two young men meet in India and become great friends, their lives entertwined in many ways. The story is wonderful and apparently loosely based around Julia’s own grandfathers life. It really is an epic tale and I would recommend it to anyone, particularly with the great love of all things India these days in the literary world.


4 thoughts on “Fields of Gold by Fiona McIntosh, 10 of 52

    1. I’ve read the Percheron and Quickening series – holding off reading Valisar and Trinity series as I cant put them down once I start. Love to hear how the writing workshop goes…sounds fantastic…one day.

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