The Book Club Bible with a foreward by Lionel Shriver, 7 of 52

I picked up this book last year on a chuck out table in a local book store. A quick flick through was enough to convince me of its usefulness for our book club. It is something that will possibly help us choose which book we will all read together next. This is how our book club diverges from the more traditional book club. As a group we have a small membership with a very broad range of reading interests, which makes for fascinating discussions each time we meet. So as I have discussed before, our club is more a sharing and recommending group, where we help each other discover new gems and genres.
The Book Club Bible does a wonderful job a reviewing more than 200 book titles, some very recent and many classics. Each book is set out in a format of a synopsis of the story, a readers opinion of the book, some discussion points to prompt a book club, useful background information (which I particularly found interesting) and finally they suggest companion books. These books may be ones that cover the same story, continue the story or have a similar plot. So in fact this book not only reviews 200 books, but it recommends many more.
This is the era of lists! You cannot fail to notice that many blogs are little more than lists of pop culture and how to write blogs… The Book Club Bible also contains lists, but these are again a great way to extend the choice of books. The lists of top tens from particular genres and reading age groups were really interesting and contain many familiar and new books. Should I make my own list? I haven’t succumbed to the list just yet, although sorely tempted to compile one. I have in mind that this years reading challenge I will attempt to read as many local authors as I can, bearing in mind that I have many other books shouting from my bedside table to be read. Recently I went onto the SA Writers Centre website to see what local author information they had. From there I have made a short list of some authors and books that sounded quite interesting. Ok it is a list, I confess. However, dear reader it may be a list, but I give no guarantees that I will read all of these books. At least I have a permanent record of them to read and locate over the year. If you know of any South Australian authors that you have read and loved, then please let me know.

South Aussie Author List

  1. Cameron Raynes ‘The Last Protector’ 2009
  2. Anne Bartlett ‘Knitting’ 2005
  3. Anne Summers ‘The Last Mother’ 2010
  4. Sally Sara ‘GoGo Mama’
  5. Fiona McIntosh – as many as I can get my hands on.
  6. Christine Ostermann ‘Captive Princess’2007 – supposedly a crime writer?
  7. Lauren Crow ‘Bye Bye Baby’2007 – well I am cheating here a bit as this is also Fiona McIntosh writing crime novels.
  8. David Conyers ‘The eye of Infinity’2010 – sci fi
  9. Helen Halstead ‘A Private Performance’ – this is a sequel to Pride and Prejudice, I’ve read Colleen McCulloughs ‘The Independence of Miss Mary Bennett’ and it would be good to compare.
  10. David Harris ‘Black Horse Odyssey’- sounds fascinating about the presence of the Romans in China. He also writes archeological books for the younger reader which I think my children would love.
  11. Sien Siang Tay ‘Handpicked’ 2009 – about marrying an Australian man and coming to Australia to live from her home in Asia.

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