Bridge of Souls, The Quickening Book Three by Fiona McIntosh. 5 of 52

Congratulations Fiona McIntosh, I applaud your amazing talent to write fanastical, complicated and rivetting stories. I have again become addicted to reading this trilogy, wandering around the house wanting to be sitting down reading, thinking about what the characters were up to and would they survive, change and triumph.

I have already reviewed the first two books I really do not feel it would be a good idea to discuss too much about the actual plot. Apart from the fact that it is very complex and woven around such an imaginatively created world that it would be almost impossible to do. What Fiona McIntosh does do is create characters that you really care about and want to know more, they really do come to life within the pages.

The finale of the story did not dissapoint at all and although I thought I had it all worked out how it would end, Fiona manages to bring in a completely unexpected twist. That is why I love her stories, nothing can be assumed and they are written with an obviously high level of intelligence. I think that McIntosh has managed to do just a successfully as JK Rowling did with her Harry Potter series, she manages to create worlds that are believable and beautifully described in detail and vividness.

If you haven’t read a Fiona McIntosh book, then I would thoroughly recommend you give it a go. I have had friends who detest fantasy read her books and loved them. I note that Fiona McIntosh always credit Hobb for providing input and inspiration, so perhaps I may give them a go. However, Fiona has also started writing crime/thriller books recently, and I love a good crime novel so I’m looking forward to reading one of them. Plus I’m support a great South Aussie author.


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