Myrren’s Gift, The Quickening book one, 2 of 52

This is the second series of Fiona McIntosh fantasy writing
that I have delved into. I’m not one to shy away from fantasy
writing as many people are. I find it absorbing to be introduced
into a new world with customs and social mores, must be the
anthropologist in me who remains open to different ways of viewing
the world and social order. The first series I read was that of the
Percheron series, could not put it down – completely captivated me.
In this series McIntosh drew on Turkey for inspiration and it was
beautifully portrayed. My extent of fantasy reading is that of the
Lord of the Rings series, Narnia and Harry Potter. Magic is
liberally used in this genre of writing and permits the reader to
truly find escape from the ordinary aspects of life, we are
permitted in fantasy land to suspend belief for a few hours. In the
first book of this series, which was actually written before the
Percheron books, I completely became entrapped with McIntosh’s
worlds of Morgravia, Briavel and the Mountain People. The hero of
the story is bestowed a gift after giving assistance to a young
woman accused of being a witch, familiar territory, but this gift
is also a curse which ensures that this story will be a complete
adventure. The curse enables our hero to ‘meet’ many new people, we
learn their own stories and how they are all entwined to some
degree. Maybe as the author lives in Adelaide herself she
understands just how close the degrees of separation are between
all of us. I managed to polish this book off in 2 days of constant
reading and fortunately found the second book at a local 2nd hand
bookstore so I could continue with this wonderful journey.


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