Updating my Challenge Status

Happy New Year to my friends in reading land. I have
decided that my dedicated readership of 2 needed to know how the
2010 challenge went. As is no doubt obvious from my status it has
fallen a little short…I have unfortunately not been triumphant in
meeting my challenge, which I acknowledge was ambitious in the
circumstances. To the extent that many of my friends are now
questioning my sanity, whilst being ever supportive. When I say
support I am meaning that this was expressed in no greater form
than the presentation of 28 books at 11pm on New Years Eve to
assist me in reaching my goal. After a few champagnes I had
difficulty reading a one word per page Jan Pienkowski book in less
than five minutes. I therefore aborted that last ditch attempt and
reached for another sip of champers! Thank you Sue x This challenge
was always meant to be light hearted, I don’t believe in taking
myself too seriously at the best of times. However, there was a
serious agenda within; that I would be able to find the time to
read for pleasure, something that I had been losing the ability to
prioritise. I don’t know about you, but certainly raising a young
family of 3 children, volunteer advocacy, work and study had seen
reading slip to a very low rung. So this week I head back to the
place where last years challenge commenced, sitting on a balcony
looking over the River Murray flowing strongly again and
reinvigorated to start again. WordPress have also launched a post a
week or day for the next year; my little blog fits right into that.
So I will make sure that I do actually post once a week, even if I
haven’t read a book – I may just make some profound life
observations, let you know if I’ve cooked something yummy, or
preach to the converted as is my usual way. It’s been lovely
connecting with some very sweet people along the way and I’m
looking forward to more.


2 thoughts on “Updating my Challenge Status

  1. Carolyn,

    I have been reading your posts all year and I think that you have made an impact on this planet with your efforts in blogging, PHDing, mothering and all that you do!! So I am pleased that you will continue to write, it is always interesting and full of inspiration: I shall continue to read your Blog!

    I have gone off course in my own blogging, with long absences being noted by my followers, I shall have to re-inspire the blog with a re- formatting starting with WordPress in coming weeks and I too shall be taking up their weekly writing challenge, in the SimmeringMemories of my kitchen, my mothers kitchen ands those around me… So stay tuned.

    And it seems that nieces and great nieces will bring us together a lot more in 2011, I look forward to that too. XX

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