Paper Flow by MaryAnne Bennie & Brigitte Hinneberg, 20 of 52

This place is a sea of paper at the moment, everywhere I look there are piles of papers and books that are getting bigger and driving me crazy. I know I am in the midst of chaos thanks to an over-ambitious schedule for the next 5 months, but I really need to get a handle on it. Not long ago my friend Becky was waxing lyrical about her new book purchase ‘Paper Flow’, updating her facebook page with organised, clean, crisp filing systems and a general can do attitude!

So whilst waiting for a flight out of Sydney I spotted a Kikki-K store. This is akin to alcohol for an alcoholic for me – stationery is a drug that I have real difficulty saying no to. So in I wandered and found a little place of delight. Was a bit peeved as hadn’t found anything to spend money on for my weekend away (apart from the weekend!) and had the urge to impulse buy. So there the book sat, taunting me to buy it. I was in the middle of reading a book for Uni, but felt the need for something lighter on my flight home. Paper Flow was waiting for me and I picked it up and bought it before I could change my mind.

Well I haven’t been disappointed with this impulse buy, which is in contrast to many of my impulse buys. I have been slowly reading it every night to understand the secret. I have been out on reconnaissance to collect supplies and quietly going about my organising business so that:

a.) I wouldn’t attract unnecessary attention and alarm the family

b.) I needed to hide what I’ve spent money on…

c.) The kids don’t steal my glue stick and scissors!

So far I have resisted the urge to splurge again, until I know exactly what I want to set up. The book takes you through some really great exercises that gives some real structure around handling the masses of paperwork that streams through my door every day. With 3 children at school, sitting on many committees, working and studying it is getting too complex for my old system.

I’m still in the early days of cleaning up and changing my existing system, but I can see that this book makes sense and it is very workable. I will keep slowly tidying up the shelves, creating exciting new project files and go forth and prosper.

Readability 9 out of 10

Cant put down rating 8 out of 10 

Recommend to others 9 out of 10

Do I want to read another book by this author – Yes, Did you Remember the Milk by by Hinneberg looks interesting.


One thought on “Paper Flow by MaryAnne Bennie & Brigitte Hinneberg, 20 of 52

  1. Kikki-K is truly a revelation for those of us paper-dwellers who seem to spend much more time shuffling stuff around and putting it in to piles than really dealing with it. I have spent more time (and money!) than i would ever confess to my dear family in this shop, however each and every one of them reap the great rewards of my purchases on a daily basis 🙂 You have inspired me to make another visit very soon – any excuse!!

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