Good Evening

This is my first post and I’m afraid it will be brief as I must pack suitcases. I have decided to go out on a limb and write my own blog, to document my experiences. I’m not a diary writer, never have been one, but do love the intent and idea of the diary. So this blog is my ‘cheats’ way of writing a diary – albeit for the world to read!

The purpose of this blog is to document my attempt to read 52 books in 52 weeks. This is a big ask, but I feel that I am up to the challenge right now. Having said that, I am on holiday and not buried in a pile of research papers to read, so I will need to find constant inspiration. What has occured to me of late is that I truly love reading for pleasure and it has become an almost forgotten part of my life; stolen moments of reading late at night. As a child I would lie on my bed for hours reading, something with a busy family seems a decadent thing to do. This challenge is to help me revisit and re-engage in the pleasure of reading again – no excuses.

Yes, I belong to a book club! Well, a fairly unique book club from what I have observed of other book clubs. We mainly share books, we have only read a few books the same in the last  2 years, it is the sharing that gives us the most joy. We do not take things too seriously, apart from the love of reading. We do not agree on every book, thank goodness, as that would be too boring by half. We may go see a movie instead of talking books, we often go to a restaurant for book chat; always receiving curious looks when we drag out our carry bags stuffed with books. So my constant inspiration to read comes from this small group of women, thank you to Sue, Liz, Deanne and Robyn, it is a pleasure to share the love of books with you. Deanne’s daughter 13 now passes on her favourite books to my daughter who is 12 – it has been a revelation for her also.

This was to be short and I’m not sure that it is true now. Once I start, I tend to waffle! Just ask all my teachers from those long ago school days…’Carolyn needs to keep to the point’. I write the way I hear it in my head, my speaking voice on paper or electronic format. I hope those that read my blog find it of interest. I promise it will be interspersed with my observations from my work and study.

I have already started on my project of 52 books. I have completed 1 already and well into my next. I think that I will now save that for a fresh post, it would perhaps make it clearer for those who stumble across this page. This is primarily for my own record keeping and motivation, but if anyone should visit for a peek you are most welcome.


2 thoughts on “Good Evening

  1. Hi Extremely – Advanced – on- the- Technology- Spectrum- Book-Club-Member,
    I am so impressed! I just read all the reviews and I am “imbued with an undertone of foreboding” as I anticipate our next Book Club gathering. Your indepth analysis of these books is frightening! How is writing “clunky and quite prosaic”? As I type this in my pathetic 2 finger method I feel quite clunky. Does that make me a clunky writer?
    I am so excited to be mentioned on a blog and you have summed me up beautifully. I am open to exploring new technologies if they will benefit me in some way and I have certainly enjoyed reading your reviews of books and how they have reflected your life at different times. What’s with this 10 year old son hacking into the computer? What do they teach them in schools these days?
    I would like to read Eucalyptus and I definitely want to read Gogo Mama after hearing Sally Sara last week. Richard would like to suggest a tome – Musashi, a Japanese “Gone With the Wind” family saga. At 1000 pages I’d wait until next year! Happy blogging, Sue

    1. Thanks Sue, and let Richard know that I will put it on my list of must reads after December! Glad you enjoyed the read. And in regards to schooling, yeah what gives with that? It must be the pedadodgy (sic!!). Off to put in a new review, and you must check out the 12 year old blogger who has just joined with her first review of Polyanna! Carolyn xx

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